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When we look back and evoke someone special, we realize with amazement that our lazy memory is only made up of lapses, small fragments, precious moments that were shared. Fractions of time that bear witness to their presence and that we jealously keep in our memory to turn them into indelible memories.


Although we lived together on the same path, decades of joy, sadness, and emotions, in the end, their story is told and translated into brief chronicles. Chronicles that will be more than enough to keep their presence alive.

01 Platinum_print_(Scar)

Platinum Print. Scar 2017

02 Platinum_print_(Tell me there is heaven)

Platinum Print. Tell me there is heaven 2013

03 Platinum+palladium_print_(Sunset)

Platinum+palladium Print. Sunset 2017

04 Palladium_print_(Reserved)

Palladium Print. Reserved 2017

05 Platinum+palladium_print_(Lonely)

Platinum+palladium Print. Lonely 2018

06 Cyanotype_print_(Limbo)

Cyanotype Print. Limbo 2017

07 Palladium_print_(Quiet)

Palladium Print. Quiet 2017

08 Platinum+palladium_print_(Three fruits)

Platinum+palladium Print. Three fruits 2017

09 Cyanotype_print_(Purification)

Cyanotype Print. Purification 2017

10 Cyanotype_print_(Metistofeles)

Cyanotype Print. Metistofeles 2018

11 Palladium+cyan_print(Through shadows)

Palladium+cyan Print. Through shadows 2017

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