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When doors close and walls block the stare of society, intimacy flourishes. A unique atmosphere where no one will harm you, giving you the chance to bring out your inner drama being the solitude your lover which holds you and will not make you wait to talk about your most intimate secrets, without prejudices or taboos she will never judge you. 


You analyze your reflection that obsessively insists on showing your imperfections. Does it make any difference! there is nobody there! you are hidden in a place where no one can reach you. You could cry, laugh, think, or just rest, your emotions had never shown so naturally, who cares! after all, no one will see you or listen to you for that brief moment.

01 Platinum_print_(Follow me)

Platinum Print. Follow me 2019

02 Palladium_print_(Suite)

Palladium Print. Suite 2019

03 Platinum+cyan_print_(Spicy)

Platinum+cyan Print. Spicy 2017

04 Platinum_print_(Gradients)

Platinum Print. Gradients 2018

05 Cyanotype_print_(It's cold)

Cyanotype Print. It's cold 2018

06 The wait

The wait. 2020

07 Palladium_print_(Lust)

Palladium Print. Lust 2017

08 Palladium_print_(Identity division)

Palladium Print. Identity division 2017

09 Palladium_print_(Embryo)

Palladium Print. Embryo 2017

10 Palladium_print_(Without habit)

Palladium Print. Without habit 2017

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